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Three Bears Song (곰 세 마리)

Since I am still a beginner at Korean, I feel the best way to get the basics of the language down is to go back to the basics - children’s material for learning languages. One way children pick up languages is through children’s songs. A popular song is 곰 세 마리 (Three Bears). I will post the lyrics and attempt to translate and pick words apart.

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Basic Korean Language-Learning Games and Quizzes for Reinforcing Vocabulary

I’ve noticed that reading and writing vocabulary alone is not a great tool for reinforcing what I’ve learned thus far, so I’ve been searching the internet for games and quizzes for basic Korean. So far, I’ve come up with these resources:

A list of about 30 quizzes

A list of 10 games

Another group of about 50 or more games

If you know of any more, please feel free to share!

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Restaurant vocabulary

A tutor of mine from a while back typed up some words I’d need to know when going to a Korean restaurant.

몇분 (myeotpun) - How many people?
금연석 (geumyeonseok) - Non-smoking seat
앉다 (antta) - to sit
메뉴 (menyu) - menu
맛있다 (masitda) - tasty/delicious (literally means “there is flavor”)
불고기 (bulgogi) - bulgogi
갈비 (galbi) - galbi or ribs
외국분/외국인 (oegukbun/oegugin) - foreigners
비빔밥 (bibimbap) - bibimbap
좋아하다 (joahada) - to enjoy/like
그럼 (geureom) - then
맵다 (maepda) - spicy
그리고 (geurigo) - and
포크 (pokeu) - fork
후식 (hushik) - dessert
커피 (keopi) - coffee
녹차 (nokcha) - green tea 

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왼손잡이 (wensonjabi) - Left-hander
오른손잡이 (oreunsonjabi) - Right-hander

나는 왼손잡이 입니다. (Naneun wensonjabi imnida.) - I am left-handed.
나는 오른손잡이 입니다. (Naneun oreunsonjabi imnida.) - I am right-handed.

나는 왼손으로 씁니다. (Naneun wensoneuro sseumnida.) - I write with my left hand.
나는 오른손으로 씁니다. (Naneun oreunsoneuro sseumnida.) - I write with my right hand.

손 (son) = hand
왼 (wen) = left
 오른 (oreun) = right

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